Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kaya's Paper Dolls

I was not able to go to American Girl because my Aunt Pam and Aunt Kelly came over right after lunch right as we were about to go, but I did have to go to Half Price Books again because I needed another book for Law class that the one we went to last night did not have. While there I looked at the American Girl stuff and saw they had a Kaya Paper Doll set for only $1.98! I was so excited that my mom let me get it. So, in the past two days I (well my mom) have spent $30 on just books. That is sad, but what is even more sad is that I have four bookshelves and they are full so I need to get another one!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Addy's Theater Kit

today i had to go to Half Price Books to get a book for law class and one for US History. while i was there i ran over to the children's section to see if they ad any American Girl books on sale, but they did not. the cool thing was, was that they did have Addy's Theater Kit for $2.98. the outside of it is a little rough but the inside stuff is brand new! i already have Samantha's Theater Kit so it will be cool now to have two different ones. i spent more money than what i planned on spending because i 4 law books that are really interesting. tomorrow i am hopefully going to go to American Girl Dallas to spend my gift card! i don't know what i want to get it is between Lanie's pink dress, the recycling can, or the hammock.


A couple of weeks ago when my mom and i were at Micheal's i bought some wooden frames that i wanted to paint white. when i got ready to paint them and then i decided to paint them a burgundy color to match the colors of my American Girl frames that i already have. i added a few stickers to them that i got when i went to American Girl Place New York in 2006. i also added ribbon to the tops to hang them up.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i was thinking and i just remembered that when i was little i was not a good speller and i could not remember how to spell America, but when i was going onto all the time i finally learned how to spell it cause i was tired for having to get out one of my AG books to see how Ameican Girl was spelled!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day

Since it was Martin Luther King Day American Girl offered Addy's paper lantern craft. My mom's friend took her daughter, her daughters best friend and me to American Girl for the craft. It was basicly Kit's paper lantern but with plain construction paper. I wish it was different though. I loved seeing the little girls faces when we walked in.

Last night i changed Kirsten's clothes for the first time. It sounds crazy but that means a lot to me!

Tonight we celebrated my brothers best friends birthday at our house. One of the families that came brought their laptops. They had the mini laptops but their dad downloaded a bunch of movies on to them and the girl had all the American Girl movies on it! I only had enough space on my USB for 1 movie so I chose the Kit movie but I am going to buy another USB so that I can download more!

i am so happy because today this guy finally fix my laptop! he has been working on it for a week so i get to get it tomorrow which is perfect because i leave to goto Austin on Thursday and i wont be back till Sunday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Books for American Girl!

so i was looking on the book sellers website on American Girl and saw new books that will be coming out soon! i love them all but my favorite is the Doll Parties craft book/kit! i really want to get it cause in one of my American Girl Imagine magazines they featured the Doll Party which inspired me to throw my dolls birthday parties on their birthdays

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lanie the book

Yesterday i started reading Lanie and today i finished it. i read a little more than 80 pages yesterday and i only had 20 to read today. it was really a cute book. i cant wait to buy the second book and read that one.

i think i read somewhere that someone did not know where American Girl came up with Lanie having a hammock but in her first book there is a part where her sister is sitting on the hammok on their back porch. so even though it does not say Lanie was on it it is still part of her house.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lanie's Activity Day

the posters of the crafts they had today

after we did the scavenger hunt we received a Lanie poster

after I get all of Lanie's collection I want to get the black skating outfit for Mia

Pepper is so cute!

hopefully my dad will buy the camper for my for my birthday

Today i went back to American Girl Dallas because i was not able to do the crafts on Friday since i had to go to the News Year Day Parade. i did the scavenger hunt and did both crafts they offered. which was a bookmark and a nature notebook. my mom was making lunch for everyone who was coming over to watch the cowboys game so her friend took me. we also brought her daughter who had never been to american girl before. Jacee loved every thing! my mom did not let me buy anything :( i am really happy we got the Lanie posters because i have Mia's and Chrissa's and i wanted one for Lanie.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lanie and Kirsten!!!!

This morning I went to American Girl Dallas and got Lanie. We arrived at 9:30 but they were all ready out of goody bags. i brought all 15 dolls with me. my mom, sister, and i carried 5 dolls each in. when we walked in we had lots of eyes on us. that is not my purpose when i bring the "To get attention" but i wanted to get a picture of me with all my dolls on this bench in one of the party rooms which we were not able to do today because they had stuff all in the room. I bought Kanie and her Garden outfit then we went to a bench to open her up and take pictures. this one of many families who talked to us was telling us about all the dolls they had and stuff when she mentioned that she ordered her girls Kirsten for Christmas and without knowing the grandma also bought the girls one at the AG store in New York. the mom was going to return the Kirsten doll she had today but she could not get in to her trunk so her husband was coming to help open it. one thing lead to another my mom went to an ATM and got out cash for Kirsten and her accessories and the lad finally got her trunk open and i got Kirsten!!! it was really cool because i was able to open two dolls at the AG B&B Dallas today! i was OK with out getting the goody bag because i got Kirsten. the thing that was so good about that is my mom deleted her confirmation email american girl sent because she did not want me to see it and that canceled the order. she did not want to stress me out so she was trying to figure out a way to get her.

I found out today that on Febuary 13th Connie Portter is going to be at American girl Dallas the only problem is that i have a law compettion that whole weekend so i will not be able to go but hopefully my mom will be able to get my books signed by her.


so American Girl has partially updated the website and i figured out a way to see Lanie's stuff because if i went one way it said the page was "null". i added up everything that i will want for Lanie so far it totaled to $606. i though that she would be cheaper than Chrissa but Lanie's not. 8 hrs 55min till i will be getting Lanie!!!!!!

i am very surprised that Chrissa still has a lot of stuff still available. it stinks because everything available i have but i am missing her swimsuit and her craft table which are not available :(


HAPPY NEW YEAR! it is 2010! Lanie is now the new Girl Of The Year and Chrissa is not :( i cant wait to go to American girl today!

What happened this year!
January: go to American girl Boutique and bistro for Chrissa debut day
Febuary: go to New York and get Chrissa
March:meet Mary Casanova
April: get my second Kit
May: start this blog, get Gwen for my birthday, Rebecca came out
July: went to San Antonio and brought Gwen
August: had my sweet sixteen party and American Girl toys at McDonalds
September: find out American Girl is retiring Kirsten
October: find a 1995 American Girl magazine at my brothers school
November: announced new American Girl store in Colorado
December: get Kirsten from my sister and get Sonali for Christmas