Saturday, February 13, 2010


So Wednesday night it started snowing and there is still some on the ground! School was actually closed Friday but since i was out of town i was upset cause i did not miss school technically on Friday. So when i got home tonight i took some pictures of Chrissa and Lanie because i dont know if there will still be snow on the grown tomorrow.

One Year

One year ago today, is when I was in New York for Dance and I went to American Girl and got Chrissa! It is crazy to think that but what is cool is that last year I was on a trip and then this year I was also on a trip. I just got back today from Waco, we left Thursday during school. It was for a conference/competition for Law and i got first place in Chapter Business and second in Occupational Health and Safety Notebook!Since i made it to State in both of my competitions my mom is going to take me to American Girl to eat tomorrow. What is funny is that on Valentines Day last year my mom and i eat at the American Girl Place New York Cafe for lunch too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Stuff!

Today right after church we went to American Girl Dallas so that i could finally spend the gift card i got from the price difference from when Chrissa's stuff was on sale. i got Lanie's Hammock and a Note Card Set. i knew that i wanted to get the hammock and then when got there we saw the Note Card Set and since it was only $10 my mother let me get it with my piggy bank money. and yes, i have 3 piggy banks and 1 purse bank (it is Samantha's from Hallmark). so in all i spent $51.96. It was more than i intended to spent but i am very happy! now for this month i just need to get the Januay/February American Girl Magazine.