Monday, March 5, 2012

Mary Casanova

 Right when it was are turn it was time for her break. We had to wait 10 minutes for her to come back.
 My sister held Jess for me!
 I loved that they had American Girl embroidered on the table cloth.

 Here are some pictures of the new outfits. I could not get a picture of all the outfits because we were in a rush.

 I have not read this book but I plan to over summer!

Here is the page she signed when I first saw her so I also had her sign the back on the authors page.

For the pictures you can tell that on Saturday I went to see Mary Cassanova at the American Girl Dallas Store! We got there and bought McKenna's 2nd book then got in line to get them signed. I brought 6 books: Jess, Ceclie, Chrissa, Chrissa Stands Strong, McKenna, McKenna Ready to Fly. These are all the books she has written for American Girl so far. For Chrissa's and Jess's book(s) I had her sign the back authors page and for the other ones I just had her sign the front. They also gave out bookmarks that she signed but I did not take a picture of it. 

She went on the American Girl cruise with her husband. The only time she did not have to be ready for pictures or autographs was when she was in her room! But she said that everyone was respectful of her time. She said that there has been rumor of another American Girl cruise since the first one sold out in 48 hours! I hope they do, because even if I don't get to go I like seeing pictures from others trips. TO say the least I enjoyed it a lot and spent 7  minutes talking with her which is not a whole lot but compared to the others it was.