Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today I was trying to find out the date of the American Girl Houston opening without any luck, but I did find that the store is trying to find a store manager on the Memorial City Mall website. Hopefully they get someone good that will uphold to American Girl standards!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tonight I went to Michael's to get some items to make a present for my friends and while there my mom and I saw that some of the American Girl stickers were on sale. My mom let me get several to put on a frame this week that will hold pictures from all my American Girl trips. Since I get out of school a lot earlier then my siblings she has been letting me get different things to keep me busy during the week.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Present from LA

Tonight my brother came over after coming back yesterday from California, and he brought me back a gift from the American Girl LA store for my birthday! I got two different shirts for my dolls that say LA on them. I was really excited to get these because for his work he travels to different states and when he was in New York he refused to go because he said that he did not want to make his co workers wait on him (they were only in Manhattan for the night). I was OK with him not going to the New York store because I have gone there three times before and have a shirt from there but I have not been to the LA store but want to really bad! He said it was really cool in there and that California "revoked his man card" for going into the store :)

The black on I also have from when I went to New York last year but I don't have any like the red shirt which is awesome! He also got the that the birthday goodie bag sack that has the sparkly stars on it instead of being plain and a bunch of the stickers that they give out sometimes. I get happy with anything from American Girl! I keep waiting for when they will announce when the Houston one will open!!!!!

My mom told me that when my brother got to the store he called her to ask what I wanted and he kept talk back and forth between her and the sales worker to find where the shirts were and stuff. He asked a bunch of questions like "Do you have anything else that says LA on it?" and she said "No" and my mom told him to say "Well New York at least had hats for adults". He also told her that I had 21 doll and he said her face was shocked. Which reminds me of when my mom placed the reservation for my birthday dinner at American Girl the lady asked how old her daughter was and when my mom said that I was turning 19 she was also shocked. Its sad that I am used to it by now but I don't care! Oh and I also got stuff from Bath and Body Works and a gift card for there from them too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my 19th birthday! This morning started off early so that my family could help at function for Homeless and low-income families in Dallas. So all morning it did  not feel like it was my birthday at all! What was planned for my birthday was that we would eat a nice dinner as a family and not do a big party because I am going to go to the opening of the American Girl store in Houston when it opens. It stink that they don't have an opening date yet.

Because I knew that I was going to be going to Houston I "knew" that I was not going to do much or get presents from my mom because when I go to Houston I will get my 22nd doll! But little did I know that my mom scheduled for dinner at the Dallas American Girl Bistro! She tried to invite my friends even without me knowing but most had college finals so they were still away at school or graduations/proms.

It was cool with me because then my sisters were able to go. I was given $50 to spend at American Girl which I bought McKenna's School outfit and the white capri pants. We also did the cake and I got a goodie bag (which I was excited about). The goodie bag came with a tee shirt for dolls, a fake balloon, a book (kind of like the table talkers at the tables) and a small doll sized bag and stickers for the doll. The cake was yummy like always!

A girl that I used to play softball with was working in the Bistro which was interesting because I have never "known" anyone who worked there before. It was a lot of fun being silly with my sisters and being able to go to American Girl again!

 Maddie got this frame for me at Micheal's for today!
When we got home we had more cake but this time it was a cookie cake. Then later my best friend came by and we were able to catch up on everything! Oh and I my mom also got me a charm from James Avery for my charm bracelet. The charm is of a birthday present.