Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taylor Swift Concert

So this does not really deal with American Girl, but I am so excited because today my mom purchased me two pit tickets for the Taylor Swift Red concert in Dallas! This afternoon I got an email that I was selected from Taylor Connect (Taylor Swift fan site) that I was one of the 100 or so to buy tickets for the pit. The regular tickets for the show sold out very soon after they went on sale and I was not able to get them. When I looked at other sites that individual people sold their tickets they were way over price. For the same price to get seats at the very top and farthest away from the stage are going for the same price that I bought my tickets today for. At first my mom was not really wanting to purchase the tickets because A. they cost a lot and B. they only allowed each person to purchase 2 tickets (I need 3-4 to take my sisters and a friend). Eventually she came around letting me get them for my birthday since they are both in May (that was the original plan)! I will probably take my sister who is a senior this year because she is graduating, but I feel bad for my other sister.Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour was on October 6th and both my sisters birthdays are in October (7th and 14th) so I drove us and two of their friends back in 2011. We had tickets that were both far and high but still had a blast, so I cant wait till May 25th!

How this is related to American Girl is that because the tickets were still pretty expensive I will probably not get anything of American Girl for my birthday (except for my doll I already got from my dad). Exactly one month till my birthday!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

American Girl Summer Author Tour

Wow! If you look under the special events happening at American Girl on the website you will see that they have added a Summer Author Tour!  Throughout the summer nine American Girl authors will be going to different stores. I am glad Dallas is getting Jessie Haas, but I have already seen Kathleen Ernst. These are the only two as of now that are coming to Dallas. I love seeing authors again, but it is nice when I get to meet new ones for the first time. On the Summer Tour list there are four authors I have not met yet (three after I meet Jessie Haas).This is something that I don’t think they have ever done before. In the past during the summer they try to get a couple of authors to go visit some of the stores but it is usually they book two (usually these authors would only go to a couple of the stores each).
American Girl Summer Author Tour:
-Aubre Andrus
-Dr. Cara Natterson
-Jessie Haas
-Sarah Masters Buckey
-Kathleen Ernst
-Lisa Yee
-Valerie Tripp
-Denise Lewis Patrick
-Jacqueline Dembar Greene