Thursday, November 26, 2009

new american girl store!

i am sooooo happy about the new american girl store in colarado! it will be opening in 2010!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

i love these iron-ons!

here is me infront of some of the stuff

well it's that time of year again! monday i went to Micheals and i saw all the American girl craft stuff they have and i want all of it! i did not have my phone on me so i had to use my sisters phone to take pictures. Tuesday night i started decorating my room for christmas. i could not wait till this weekend to do it though i dont have my tree up yet because it is in the big attic and all the other stuff that i put up was in the hall closet. i still have not bought a digital camera but that is on the top of my list so hopefully i will be able to take good quality pictures! oh and this is my 50th post!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Magazine

i love this picture of her!

i wish i could get these but i probably wont

i love how they sell these snacks now! they are so cute!

today i went to american girl and i got the September/October Magazine. i did not have time to get it during those two months but american girl had it so i begged my mom to let me get it cause i was not suppose to be buying anything just looking around for christmas. i was shocked to see how little they have of Kirsten's stuff. Samantha had more of her stuff available at this time last year.