Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Design

I randomly decided that i needed a background change for this blog. I don't have photo editing software and I don't know how to work designs from other site and put them here, so I used one of the templates that blogger has. I really like it! 

Another Frame

Yesterday I went by the Michael's I got the shape frame at to see if they still had the Shine frame. It turns out they had two so I bought one. I think the only one i need is the Smile frame. On my way home from school tomorrow i am going to stop by two Michael's  to see if they have the frame. The "E" was hard to cut out the middle so in person it looks not as good but i really like how all three look similar in color and design.

Today I had to get more blood work done at the doctors. Last Thursday i had it done in my right arm and today I had it done in my left. This time i knew that i would be giving blood so I brought home Samantha with me. I took her with me and squeezed her while they were taking it out. At least today i did not spit on the lady or cry. My mom said that i can go to American Girl this weekend and buy another mini doll but I don't know if i really will be able too. I also don't know if i want to get one of Kanani's outfits. The end of the year is coming up and I don't have any of Kanani's outfits or accessories but I do have 3 mini dolls.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michael's Craft

Today I went by Michael's for the American Girl Craft. It was cute but time consuming. You could make a bakers hat and a plate of breakfast. I thought that they were going to give out actual bakers hats that were made out of material, but it turns out they were made from tissue paper a piece of scrapbook paper. After I finished both, I got a little book that you could color in. I went to Michael's for a sheet of yellow scrapbook paper to finish decorating my frames.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Wednesday my mom had to go to Micheal's to get some crafts for her daycare kids and while there I saw one of the American Girl frames on sale for $1.50. They had the Shine on and the one with three shapes. I ended up getting the one with the flower, heart, and rectangle. I also got a new sticker.

I tried to paint my frame that says Friends but when the paint got on it there was lines from the paint brush. I thought that they were actual wood but it is actually a plastic fake wood. I ended up putting scrapbook paper on both of them. The poka dot paper is from the big pack of American Girl scrapbook paper.

Tomorrow I am planning on going to Micheal's for the American Girl craft. I might bring a friend with me which will be fun. If i go by myself it might be a little weird because of my age.

(I left my camera at home so I will post pictures later)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

On this day ten years ago I was in the 3rd grade. I had no clue what had happened because I was on my way to school and just getting there because my school started at 8:50am. My school did a lot of things to help like collecting money everyday for about a month to send to New York for the people effected. Our principle, Mr. Love, would put on a patriotic hat and pull around a red wagon that was decorated to collect the money.We also put on a program and I remember we say I'm Proud to be an American and did a routine with steamers that were read white and blue.

In 2006 I went to New York with my family and we visited Ground Zero. Back then even about 5 years after, where the towers were was still a bunch of rubble. While we were there we went to the Statue of Liberty and the day we went there was suppose to be another attack in New York from London but the terrorist were caught. When we were trying to enter the island we had to go through full body detectors that puffed air up to detect if we had explosives and when we left we saw a bunch of SWAT officers.
This past May I went again to New York we visited Ground Zero again and it was under construction. They were still finishing up building the memorial and you could not see the beauty that it turned out to be.While we were there I was eating cheese cake and it was announced that Saddam Hussein was killed. We were very overcautious for the rest of the trip.

Last September I went to Washington DC and visited the Arlington Cemetery and went to the Pentagon and sat at the memorial for the people who died on the plane crash and in the pentagon.

To me it is crazy to think that i had not American Girl dolls at this time. That Christmas i was given Samantha and then January 21, 2002 my family had are own disaster when our house burn on fire. 

Today I have been watching MSNBC on their coverage of what events are happening today. What I really found amazing was that they played the actual coverage from September 11, 2001.

Yesterday I helped a group of students put 3,000 flags in the front mall in front of the University Tower. We worked from 5:30am-9:45am putting them in. My legs and hand have hurt all day yesterday and today. Later on tonight I will help take them down. It made me fell good to do it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today I wanted to get out of my dorm room and off campus so I got in my car and located the narest Micheal's on my phone and then I was off! To my surprise it was not to far away and easiy to get to. That means I will definatly be taking more little trips there to get some stuff.

I have been wanting something for my room since I moved in, and I remembered that American Girl had this cute pink organizer. It is typically $30 and I had a coupon for 40% off so I got it for $18! The store also had many of the stickers that are $2 for $1 so I got a Kirstin sticker.

I am happy I got out for a while and actually spent some money on good deals (even though I did in Dallas this past weekend)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dallas Update

 They wanted me to get Rebecca

 This reminds me of my dorm room bed (but this one is much cuter)
 My sisters and I love the striped dress!

 Oh yes they had to have a picture too!
I have so many pictures with this!
All of the Christmas outfits are looking similar
 This looks like a new box color. I'm not for sure but I like it!

With every purchase you get a little box of chocolate that has two pieces.
It is so cute! I am not eating mine :)

This past Monday after my family went to the Labor Day Parade in our city I took my sisters and their friend to American Girl Dallas with me (in my new car). My mom gave me money to buy a mini doll. So far I only had two of the collecting ones, Samantha and Felicity. I am hoping to collect them all but I don't know if that will happen.

I wanted to get Kit but they were out of stock there so I ended up getting Kirsten. My plan for getting the dolls:
-get the minis I dont have in the "meet" outfits
-get the ones I have in full size dolls