Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas has been great! Santa got  everyone what they wanted including an Xbox One, snowboard, four of us got TVs, and cowboy boots for two sibblings (some of the bigger gifts)! Plus I got to open the second present of the morning and I was a note to be able to get the GOTY 2014!!! This year I did not think I was going to be able to get one, so it was a nice surprise (going up has it's down side sometime) I also go some disney stuff and decor for my apartment which I was really wanting. Even though Christmas is not about the presents it is still a fun part! It was also nice that this year was really relaxed. We did not have to dress up for dinner which was a change from the usual. I can't wait till next week... Mom and I will have a mother daughter date that we have each year! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Once Upon A Child

Today I went shopping for my families daycare at Once Upon A Child for toys and while looking for baby rattles I found a bag with some American Girl items! It looks like it all came from a goodies bag from the bistro or cafe because of the ballon (I already have one in purple) and the T-shirt (I have the same one in pink). It was originally $6.50 but with 20% off, I got it for $5.20. I was happy I found it! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colorado here we come!

This week my family is taking my sister to college, so we are driving to Colorado to take her to CCU! Saige has come along with me for the ride. We might got to the American Girl Store. Maddie made sure for me to slide her in the seatbelt since it was already buckled around her tv.
Below is Saige when we were heading into the hotel... A minute later she made a face plant to the gravel once we started to push it. As far as I could see she has no scratches from the fall! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saige Movie

This weekend I was able to purchase the Saige Movie! I saw on Instagram that Walmart had a special packaged one with a figuring horse, but the Walmarts by my house did not have it, so I just got the Blue Ray. I don't have a Blue Ray player but I like that it comes with the digital download. I have not had time to watch it but hope so sometime today. My sisters were actually really wanting to see it too! We sat down to watch it earlier today, but then my mom had us clean up and my sisters weren't too happy about that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm not one who does all those days of the week picture posts, but I was talking with a lady at church tonight whose daughter has some American Girl dolls and it made me think back when I would take pictures on disposable cameras. This was back when we had to use film and just hope that pictures would come out right. This picture makes me think of that because of how off centered it is. From the angle either my mom or dad took it because I was sitting in the middle row. This is also a good throwback because it is Molly I am holding and since she is being retired I am glad I got her.

Yahoo Finance Article

I was about to log onto my email on yahoo when on the home page an article about barbie pops up. I was interested and clicked to read more and realized it was writing about how Barbie was not doing as well as it has in the past. What I found cool is it brought up American Girl, and how there has been a 14% increase in sales even though they are within the Mattel company.Wahooo American Girl! I was surprised that a picture of Kirsten was chosen for the fact that she is no longer sold, but it was a nice change to see a historical character's photo. Many articles I read on American Girl they have a picture of the My American Girls.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jessie Haas

 Me and Jessie Haas
They were able to do the summer bookmark craft

"Hey this is me, Rebecca and Rebecka"

Last Tuesday I took a couple of girls to go see the American Girl author of the Saige books at American Girl Dallas. I was able to convince my mom to give me money to get the second book when we got there. The girls had a lot of fun but because I had to watch them I was not able to talk with Ms. Haas as much as I would have liked to.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Saturday my mom went to a garage sale down the street from our house and found two American Girl books for me! She got the Horse Lovers book and the Money Matters. My sister has a copy of Horse Lovers (she has a horse) but it is nice i have my own now and I did not have the Money Matters.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Today was my birthday! Tonight when I opened my present I got two of the same American Girl crafts! I cant wait to paint the pictures and I cant wait till the 25th when I get to see Taylor Swift!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taylor Swift Concert

So this does not really deal with American Girl, but I am so excited because today my mom purchased me two pit tickets for the Taylor Swift Red concert in Dallas! This afternoon I got an email that I was selected from Taylor Connect (Taylor Swift fan site) that I was one of the 100 or so to buy tickets for the pit. The regular tickets for the show sold out very soon after they went on sale and I was not able to get them. When I looked at other sites that individual people sold their tickets they were way over price. For the same price to get seats at the very top and farthest away from the stage are going for the same price that I bought my tickets today for. At first my mom was not really wanting to purchase the tickets because A. they cost a lot and B. they only allowed each person to purchase 2 tickets (I need 3-4 to take my sisters and a friend). Eventually she came around letting me get them for my birthday since they are both in May (that was the original plan)! I will probably take my sister who is a senior this year because she is graduating, but I feel bad for my other sister.Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour was on October 6th and both my sisters birthdays are in October (7th and 14th) so I drove us and two of their friends back in 2011. We had tickets that were both far and high but still had a blast, so I cant wait till May 25th!

How this is related to American Girl is that because the tickets were still pretty expensive I will probably not get anything of American Girl for my birthday (except for my doll I already got from my dad). Exactly one month till my birthday!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

American Girl Summer Author Tour

Wow! If you look under the special events happening at American Girl on the website you will see that they have added a Summer Author Tour!  Throughout the summer nine American Girl authors will be going to different stores. I am glad Dallas is getting Jessie Haas, but I have already seen Kathleen Ernst. These are the only two as of now that are coming to Dallas. I love seeing authors again, but it is nice when I get to meet new ones for the first time. On the Summer Tour list there are four authors I have not met yet (three after I meet Jessie Haas).This is something that I don’t think they have ever done before. In the past during the summer they try to get a couple of authors to go visit some of the stores but it is usually they book two (usually these authors would only go to a couple of the stores each).
American Girl Summer Author Tour:
-Aubre Andrus
-Dr. Cara Natterson
-Jessie Haas
-Sarah Masters Buckey
-Kathleen Ernst
-Lisa Yee
-Valerie Tripp
-Denise Lewis Patrick
-Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Between Friends Event

Today at the Mesquite rodeo Just Between Friends held their semi annual resale event where families tag and price their own items. All they have to do is drop the items off and the volunteers will run the sale. The sale started Thursday so by the time we went today there was a lot of items already sold. My mom and I went to the sale to see about toys for her daycare which we were able to find some that we wanted. I also had an alternate motive for going... looking for American Girl items. Which I was semi successful with! I found a Bitty Baby Christmas dress from several years ago and Bitty Baby crib plus many American Girl books. The crib was over priced to me at $75 and they had two sets of the Kaya book series for $5 per a book which was also to much for me for being used. I ended up getting the Bitty Baby outfit for $6 and a Kit coloring book for $0.50. I was really happy to get home to try the outfit on Jessika and find that the outfit fitted her. It is hard now to buy old American Girl books because I most of them but I will still be on the look out for more items in time to come.

The outfit came with the dress, hat, tights, and a little rocking horse.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tackling some crazy hair!

This past Monday one of my mom's workers asked if I would fix her daughters dolls hair, but I was about to leave to head back to school. She knew I would be home today so she brought the doll over. At first I thought it would take forever but luckily it was not too bad, but it is the worst hair I have had to brush thus far. The daughter said she wanted Marie Grace's hair in a braid and that was easy enough! When she left to pick up her age sent us a video of her daughter excited about having Marie Grace's hair done!

Every time I see a little girl who has a doll with extreme tangles it makes me appreciate my mom making me wait till I was 8 years old to get mine. Before she bought me the cheaper Walmart/Target dolls to show that I could take care of an American Girl doll. It would have been nice if I did get them younger only for the fact that I would probably have more dolls.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Here are pictures of what I bought at American Girl Denver. I am glad that the store still had the Real Me outfit promotion!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Girl Denver

 My brother being goofy :)
  My mom called my dad to see if he would let me buy a doll for an early birthday present... he said yes!
 I love the lighting

 This is the only Denver shirt... I wish they had more.

 I love these swim suites!
 Meet Jessika!

 Here is the birthday party the workers were setting up for.

Yay I got my 24th doll today! She is my first non Historical or Girl of the Year doll! I named her Jessika after my best friend when I was younger. Since this doll came out I have been wanting to get her for about eight years, but every time I get a doll I pick it because typically she is going to be retired that year. We got to the store 15 minutes before they closed so I was not able to go through out the whole store but it is much smaller then Dallas, and they do not have a party room. This means they have to hold private parties in the front of the store. The staff of the store was very knowledgeable on the products which I appreciate being an older collector (at the Houston store one worker called my Ruthie doll Rebecca). The mall that the store is located at is beautiful and unique!