Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new stuff!

american girl came out with their new fall products! there is alot of cute stuff. i really like the new jazz, tap and sweat outfits.i only wish i had some money so that i could buy an outfit or two. before halloween i hope that i can get the angel outfit. i wish that the doll luch box was also for girls cause it is so cute and even though i am in high school i would still use it. tomorrow were going to the book store so hopefully i can find some good books!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Even more books!!!!!!

So today we went to the Half Price Books Store in Dallas and I got nine books and the cats the musical CD. all the books are American Girl (imagine that!) I got "Meet Felicity", "Molly learns a lesson", "Changes for Molly", "Samantha's Wedding Memories", "The American Girl Club Handbook", "A Smart Girls Guide to Boys", "Oh Brother... Oh Sister!", "Your A to Z Guide to Trying New Things", "Smoke Screen". There was so many other American Girl Books that I wanted but I was on a budget so ill have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to get anymore books. What I really liked is that I was able to buy the "American Girl Club Hand Book because it is really old and I have seen it on the American Girl Collecting site but never thought I would be able to get it and I was able to I could not stop smiling on the way home. were were going to go to American Girl Boutique and Bistro today cause they had the paper doll Craft form 11 to 1 but we left too late but I had Chrissa in the car with me. I'm really liking getting lots of American Girl books this summer even though I am not buying a lot of American Girl stuff at the AG store. Tonight my sister and I watched the Princess Protection Program on Disney and Chrissa was with me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 book down alot to go!

i finished reading "Flying High, Pogo!" tonight while on the way to Ben and Diane's house to eat dinner. i started the book yesterday morning and it has about 130 pages. the book is about a girl who is one of the only two fifth graders who get to go to this gymnastic camp. the only problem is that it cost $300 and her parents don't have that kind of money. her mom owns a pottery store and her dad is a stay at home dad who watches her half sister which at first she does not like very much. Pogo and her friend come up with some ways to make money so that she can go to the camp. when she gets a letter in the mail from the camp she does not tell her mom cause she does not want to worry her and sends the deposit money off with out her mom knowing. Pogo's moms store is going out of business and so is her friendship with her best friend because pogo went to far with one of her big ideas. her mom tries for a loan from the bank so that they can open up a new kids playroom/gym which was Pogo's idea. they got the loan approved and opened up the new kids place and it did so good that her mom sent in the rest of the money for the camp with out pogo knowing and then when pogo asked she was happy to know that she was going. her relation ship with her half sister got better during the time they spent together during the book as well as her and her fathers relationship.(this is the most simplest summery of the book)

more books!!!

So yesturday we went to half price books and i got 2 new books. One is an AG fiction book "Nowhere, Now Here" by Ann Howard Creel. I have not started reading it yet. Then the other book is Welcome to Kirsten's World it was only $4.98 i was happy about that because at the store at firewheel it was like $8.98 which is almost double. They had Welcome to Molly's world but it was alittle messed up so i prefer to buy the more expensive one at firewheel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

more books

these are only 4 of the books. i took this pic while my mom was in Wal Mart during the day

OK so today i got 6 American Girl books i am so excited i don't know which to read first! In the morning i went to the half price book store in Mesquite and i got "Fight for Life" which is an American Girl Wild at Heart book. Then i went to the half price book store at firewheel and i got "Meet Josefina", "Happy Birthday Addy", and a history mysteries book called "Secrets on 26th Street". The Josefina book was on sale for only $1. That night while i was at ballet class my mom went to the half price books store in Louisville to get my sisters book for her summer reading but they did not have it but she did buy me two more books, "Flying High, Pogo!" and "The Secret Voice of Gina Zhang". I was so happy when i got in the car after a long night at ballet and jazz class cause the books were in my seat. I stopped reading the history mysteries book "Mystery of the Dark Tower" for a couple days so that i can read "Flying High, Pogo!".

Thursday, June 18, 2009

summer reading

this summer i am sooooo happy that for English i do not have to read and books. last summer i had to read a bad book and had no time to read any American Girl books, so this year i do get to read some more American Girl books. Monday we went to half price book store to turn in the summer reading papers that started we read 15 min a day for at least 5 days out of the week and then they would give us each a $3 coupon to buy or go towards anything in the store. so Monday i picked out a history mystery American Girl book that American Girl no longer sells called Mystery of the Dark Tower by Evelyn Coleman. i have not started it yet but ill start it tonight or tomorrow. then Tuesday we went to turn in the same papers but for the week of June 1 and i got an American Girl book called A Song for Jeffery by Constance Foland. i have already finished it. it was a really good book about a girl who has no friends and her parents are separated. then they get new neighbors down the street and the boy ends up being in Dodie's class and he is in a wheelchair because he has muscular dystrophy and she tries to become friends with him but it does not work out at first and then they become good friends. he is a good artists and she likes to sing so for this show that is going to put on at the clinic that he goes to he is going to paint a picture and she is going to sing a song and they both are going to be about friendship but then he gets really sick and has to go into the hospital and she has to finish the picture and the song and present it by herself at the show but when she visits Jeffery at the hospital she sings the song (the only part she has made up) to him and most of the time it puts him to sleep. at the show her music teacher plays the piano for her and her brother recorded her singing and her parents hold hands. then she goes and sees Jeffery to show him the recorded show and both families were in there watching in and Jeffery's parents bring the picture to show Jeffery what it looks like all finished. a couple days later when Dodie was at the hospital she goes into the chapel to pry and in her mind she sees Jeffery in a boat standing and he looks happy so then the next time Dodie sees Jeffery she tells him about it because he was mad that he had to be stuck in a hospital while other kids we out having fun. it does not tell you but it hints that Jeffery ends up dying. it has a lot of sad parts to it but i really enjoyed it and it usually takes me along time to read books but i read this one in 2 days because i started it yesterday morning

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

group picture

today i was babysitting dale and i decided that i wanted to take a spring group picture of all my dolls since my last group picture is from Christmas and since then i have gotten 3 more dolls. it took about two hours to get them all dressed and standing up because some of them are old and cant stand up so they kept falling also it was hard trying to fit in the picture. later i wanted to clean my American Girl attic so dale helped bring the boxes in my room while i was on the ladder getting them out. my room was a mess with boxes all over and art projects from middle school that i wanted to keep but had no room for in my room. i combined a lot of boxes but my room is still a little messy but i did not want to put the boxes back in the attic because i did not want to hurt myself because i have ballet tomorrow night and the boxes are heavy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

drive in movies

Last night we went to enis texas to goto the drive in movie theatere thats there we saw Imagine That and Up!. it took us forever to get there cause mom went the wrong way and she had to call ben and Diane to look up the direction cause the gps on are phones were taking to long. we finally got there at 8:15 and the movie is suppose to start at 8:30. during Imagine That the lighting was so cool and would cover about half the sky. i thought that rain would just start pouring down but it only sprinkled alittle bit. i brought Chrissa and Gwen to go see the movies. both movies were good but both alittle sad in parts. imagine that was funny! the movies did not get over till 12:50 and we did not get home till 2 in the morning. i felt sick afterwards cause i had so much junck food like gummy worms, pop corn, and chex mix.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hair style

ok so today i tried a new hair style on Mia. it is the hairstyle of the month for May. it is not done the best i could since it was my first time and mia has some short bangs in the front