Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Past

Here is a picture from Christmas 2002. This is the REAL Santa! He is at on of our malls and he is there every year for about 20 years so far. Up until a couple of years ago did i stop bring a doll with me.

New products at Dallas store

 I love that they have sports bras now for the dolls!

 I like this outfit but I dont love it
 New purses and watches for dolls
 They dont have the doll version out yet but this dress is cute!
 I dont think this is new but I did not know
 I love the new pink PJs and the new Dallas shirt
I love this new backpack! but it is $48 and that is too much
Here are the new outfits that they have at the Dallas store that I took on my phone the ones in the other post I took on my camera. I also saw a youtube video of the new catalog and i love all McKenna's stuff so I am really excited about that!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mini Dolls

I just now purchased the 4 mini dolls I don't have and the shelf for them! I ended up getting a total of $145 for Christmas from relatives so I was able to finish my collection! I got Addy, Rebecca, Josefina, and Kaya. They were out of all of these except for 1 Josefina at the Dallas store so I had to buy them on the website.

2 mini dolls and new products at the store

 I love this! It is too cute!
 I have not seen this outfit before!

 I don't think this is new but it is adorable!

Monday I went to the Dallas American Girl store to exchange a mini Felicity doll because i got another one for Christmas. I ended up getting mini Kit and Julie!

Also while there i was able to see some of the new outfits for 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I am so excited! She is pretty cute and I will definitely get her! I am so happy Doll Diaries finally found a picture!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 years with Samantha

Today is 10 years of me collecting American Girl dolls! 

Christmas 2001 I recieved Samantha as my first American Girl doll. Then I opened her close to the beginging because i got some American Girl stuff and I would have guessed I got her if i got clothes for her but no doll. I cant believe it has been this long of collecting. Hopefully I will be able to keep my collection growing through the years as I get even older.

Samantha has gone to Flordia twice, New York 3 times, Washington DC twice, Mount Rushmore, a cruise and many other vacations!

She has also taken a trip to the doll hospital after only having her for 2 years because her hair was fried and her head kept coming off.

This upcoming Tuesday I am suppose to have surgery on my wrist and I will definitely be bringing her along with me. Even when I get shots I have to bring her (I don't handle needles well).

I am looking forward to another 10 years of collecting!

Merry Christmas

 I really wanted this!
 I got another Felicity so I am going to have to return her!
 I got a 2nd one!
 Got 5 American Girl heart frames
 My mom forgot that I already had this!
 Time for BIG presents!
 My BIG gift was new Minnie Mouse bedding and McKenna! (I have to wait a week for her)
 This was unexpected!
 Love this!

 This is all the American Girl stuff i got for Christmas
  This was when we first woke up before church!
 I look so tired!

Merry Christmas! Today has been really good. This morning we went to church then picked up my grandmother before we went home. This year I did not get a lot of American  Girl stuff but I excited with what I did get! Cant wait till the 1st so I can get my last present!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift!

Today was my last day of class in college for this semester. My roommate and I exchanged Christmas presents since she is going home tomorrow and we wont see her till mid January when classes start back! And guess what she got me..... a $25 American Girl Gift Card!!!!!! I was so excited that I went to the store tonight with my sister when I got home. I got Kanani's PJ's!

My reason for getting her pj's was that they only had 2 left including the one I got. Also there was a lot of all the other outfits, but with that said there was no more of Lu'au Set outfit.