Saturday, June 21, 2014

Old Pictures

Today while looking for pictures to put in some disney frames I made I came across some old pictures! It's always fun to look back and see how much things have changed! The first picture is from when my family went to Disney World in 2002. That was back when I only had one American Girl! I took Samantha everywhere except when we went to the Blizzard Beach. The second is from around 2006ish. I kept the shelf like that for awhile because I really liked it. The last picture is from 2005 when I shared a room with both my sisters.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laurence Yep

Today at 11 Laurence Yep was at American Girl Dallas. I was excited to meet him because not only did he write Isabelle's books but also Mia's (GOTY 2008). 

I asked if he danced but he said no and that he is not really good at it. His wife likes ballet and they have a friend who reviews performing arts for a magazine.

Regarding the movie he said that when he wrote the books Isabelle is 10 years old so she is not old enough to be en pointe but in the movie he thinks she is. 

American Girl only approved a 2 book series for Isabelle at first but he had outlined for 3. With that in mind he made sure to put The Nutcracker in the second book so that it would be in it. 

When he was signing Mia's books I asked if he liked to skate but he said the one time he did got skating he almost hurt his ankle. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pictures From My Birthday

My computer has had a virus for the past couple weeks since I have been home, so I have not been able to get on it. I think I think I was able to fix it! With that said I realized I never posted pictures from my birthday.
 Later the week of my birthday my dad took my shopping. I went to American Girl and got a lot of stuff and then went to Best Buy to get a Life Proof case for my iPad. I ended up getting Isabelle, her metallic dress, her dance barre and case, her accessories, pretty pink coat set, the happy birthday outfit, and the store exclusive shirt and hat set with a purchase of $50 or more. We tried to eat at the bistro but they closed at 5:30 so we were not able too, and then the following Wednesday my grandmother and I tried to go but the bistro was closed for the whole day for some reason.

I have not even put on some of the outfits I got or taken the ballet barre out of the box yet because the room I share with my sister is a disaster! Between all the stuff we have brought home from college there is no room in our room... I avoid it at all cost!