Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laurence Yep

Today at 11 Laurence Yep was at American Girl Dallas. I was excited to meet him because not only did he write Isabelle's books but also Mia's (GOTY 2008). 

I asked if he danced but he said no and that he is not really good at it. His wife likes ballet and they have a friend who reviews performing arts for a magazine.

Regarding the movie he said that when he wrote the books Isabelle is 10 years old so she is not old enough to be en pointe but in the movie he thinks she is. 

American Girl only approved a 2 book series for Isabelle at first but he had outlined for 3. With that in mind he made sure to put The Nutcracker in the second book so that it would be in it. 

When he was signing Mia's books I asked if he liked to skate but he said the one time he did got skating he almost hurt his ankle. 

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Kiki's Korner said...

Mia and Isabelle are two favorites here. I wanted to meet Laurence Yep when he was here, but was busy that day. Oh well. Thanks for telling about his visit to Dallas.
~Kiki and her person