Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly!

Today is Molly's Birthday and it is also Earth Day too! i did not get to do anything special for Molly but tomorrow i plan to take some pictures of her and Emily outside since molly gets left out a lot since she is not one of my new dolls and since she was not my first one. since my mom broke my sisters camera i had to use my moms friends camera and it is not that great so most of the pictures i don't like but this one is not that bad!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Addy!

Happy Birthday Addy! At American Girl Dallas they had Addy's paper lantern craft to do so i went and did it (not like i have plenty of them already) i had to hurry and do it fast cause someone was coming over for lunch but i was really happy to see that they remodeled some of the displays that the dolls are in.

Bad News! my mom broke my sisters camera so we don't have a camera anymore so now i have to use my phone again! i am so upset because i am suppose to go to American Girl again tomorrow and eat (fingers cross) so i wanted to take some pictures there.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Lanie got in her basket: 2 connect games, a bubble gum machine, eggs, a big stuff bunny, and coconut dressed up as the Easter bunny!
Lanie was so happy that Friday she got her new dress in time for Easter!

Early this morning: i know it is early morning but Happy Easter! I wonder if i will get anything doll sized in my Easter basket?

Tonight: We opened our baskets a little bit a go and Lanie got some stuff! i love how stores sell mini things! it makes it easy to buy stuff proportional to AG dolls. since i have many dolls i only took Lanie down stairs where we all were and she got all the stuff in her basket but right now Mia has the gumball machine in her room.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Stuff from American Girl B&B Dallas

Lanie with all the new things we got!
The adorable Pink Heart Outfit (i personally dont think that it totally matches but its still cute)
My mom took some pictures of me doing the craft

one of the workers was demonstrating a hair style on Rebecca

today i went to American Girl Dallas for the Rebecca Star craft and i also went for lunch. the only problem is last night i fell asleep without making reservations so when we got there, there was no openings for lunch but i was not too upset cause my mom bought me 3 new items: Lanie's Butterfly Outfit, Mar/April American Girl Magazine, and Pink Heart Outfit (AG store exclusive). the heart outfit is one that if you spend $40 you can buy the outfit for $15. Even though we only spent $34 before tax the cashier let us get it which i was really happy about because some can be mean and make you spend at least exactly $40 before they will let you purchase the outfit. it was hard to pick between the island outfit or the heart outfit but i figured that they had less of the heart outfit since they were only showing the outfit on one side of the store's cash registers and not the other side or upstairs. i am so happy that i finally got Lanie's butterfly outfit because it is so cute! it looks even cuter now that i have it and can put it on MY Lanie! oh and what i really liked about going to the craft was that they gave away Rebecca Posters after you finished decorating your name star. i now have 6 American Girl Poster: Kirsten, Molly, Rebecca, Mia, Chrissa, and Lanie!