Sunday, December 30, 2012


For Christmas I got these two outfits and McKenna's dog! I knew I was going to get these, but I did not see them till I opened them on Christmas morning. I love them more then I thought I would. Also I got a Canon T3i!!!! This is what I was most excited about. Then when it came time to open our "BIG" presents I thought I had already gotten my big present (the camera), but I was surprised to find out that on January 1st I will be able to get Saige.  I also got a $25 gift card to American Girl from my friend which I am excited to spend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Girls Facebook Posts Today

 So tomorrow it the Today show will be giving out a code or something similar to get Marie Grace and Cecile for 61% off you will also be able to get their accessories and bed! Now this is not totally confirmed that I can tell but if it is true including shipping you will be able to get one of the dolls and their accessories for only about $62! I wish I had extra money... I would love to add them to my collection!
For my public policy class I have to write a 7-10 page paper for my final and I am doing it over the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was cool to see that in the recent magazine they highlighted a girl with disabilities. I am going to try and find a way to incorporate it somehow.

Other than that I have not been able to focus on much other then school because this is the last week and finals start next week. (but some of my classes have big test and papers due this week) I am ready for Christmas break!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday

For Cyber Monday my mom let me spend some money to pick out some Christmas presents for myself like she did last year! I got the silver party dress for $18, the casual outfit for $13 or $14, and McKenna's dog for $24 (the dog was not on sale but I wanted to get her before she sold out). I was not as impressed with the selection this year but there was some cute items. I also wanted the dog sled and the breakfast in bed set ($13).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Author Kathleen Ernst

As you can see by the picture I met Kathleen Ernst today! Now unlike when I have met other authors I literally went in got my book signed, and left because I was on lunch brake from a important meeting that was luckily held not too far from the Galleria Mall. This was the first time that either my mom and/ sisters did not come along because they too had a very busy day.

Kathleen was really sweet. She said that being able to create Caroline was the most amazing process and that it was a great experience with American Girl. She has written other books for American Girl including the historical mystery books but Caroline was her first historical character to write the original books for.

The store was in full swing for the Christmas holiday! They are already out of most of McKenna's collection (which I was surprised with). You can tell by the picture that they have a massive Christmas tree in the middle of the store and I love it! I cant wait to go back and take another picture in front of it. They also have the special packaging of the mini dolls and some of the doll outfits.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

September 29, 2012

On September 29, 2012 Becka and I went to American Girl to do the Caroline bonnet craft and the Historical Characters Scavenger Hunt. We went to Vera Bradley and Half Price Books and got her presents for her birthday and finished the day with crafts! Becka had not been to American Girl in about a year, so she was excited to go. My phone died so I was not able to take a picture of her and the finished bonnet or doing the scavenger hunt. but the poster that you got at the end of the scavenger hunt had all the historical dolls on it excluding the retired ones.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

American Girl Dallas Grand Opening 2007

Before the store had a front!
 I loved seeing it being built... not many girl can say they have done that!

 This was before the grand opening. I stopped by after ballet class and saw people in there.

 The line was long to get into the store.

 They had crafts all day for girls to do. My brother was not too happy to be there.  :)

 Maddie and I with my dolls when we went back to the store that night.

 All 10 of my dolls... and I thought that was a lot!

 The pizza was my favorite item in the Bistro... I was sad when they took it off the menu.

The designers of the American Girl store
 Camping out for the night
 Almost time to go in!!!
 Above is the BIG scissors they used for the ribbon cutting and below is my sisters and I with Wade.
 My 10th doll!!!

 I love crafts!
3ft long banana split

I realized that I did not start this blog till after the American Girl Dallas Boutique and Bistro opened. I have mentioned it before, and since I just went to the Houston grand opening I thought it would be a good time to post some of the pictures from November 2007.

For the grand opening we arrived at the store at midnight, and were the second family in line. Since it was November it was quite cold! The designers of the store were staying at The Westin and saw us inline so they came by and talked to us which was really cool! One of my friends also came with us and she has Elizabeth which she brought.

That day I spent all the money I saved babysitting that summer! I bought all of Nicki's collection, Molly's glasses, the purple pic for Nicki's hair, the santa's helper outfit, the black velvet coat, and before the grand opening I bought the Dallas shirt for me and my dolls. My sister also bought the Dallas shirt for herself. I am pretty for sure I bought more I just cant remember!

We also met Wade for the first time... I cant remember his job title but I know he works for American Girl in their head office.

Later that night we came back with some friends of ours after we got some sleep back home. Those are the pictures when I have the pink sweatshirt on.

About a week before it officially opened they had a "soft opening". It was where they were open but did not announce it. One night after ballet class we stopped by and saw people in there and it looked like they were shopping so we went in and looked around! This was so exciting!