Sunday, May 23, 2010

New American Girl Store!

So i was looking on DollDiaries and saw that american girl will be opening a new Boutique and Bistro in in Kansas city this fall! what is cool is that i am going to Kansas city this summer for National in SkillsUSA and hopefully i will make it to Nationals next year so i can go when it is open! that is my goal!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kit!

Today is Kits birthday! and lucky for me i have two Kits so double the birthday! once the weather gets pretty outside i am going to take pictures of them but tight now it is cloudy and has been for about a week.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet Julie

Today i had to go to Half Price books to get a National Geographic for history class and the magazines were by the clearance books. i looked real fast and saw the Meet Julie book. i was about to not buy it but it was only a $1 so i could not pass it up!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

American Girl Birthday Party!!!

Me with all my dolls!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!
all of us waiting to be seated
all my dolls in the back of the car getting ready to go to american girl!

Today i celebrated my 17th birthday at American Girl with three of my closest friends! it was a whole lot of fun. two of my friends met me at my house and then we headed out and met my other friend at the mall. then we looked around American Girl for a minute and then went to the Bistro. the host was shocked that all the dolls belonged to me. i could not fit all my dolls at the table so the rest sat at a booth. i love how now they give the dolls the little pink plates and the tea cups. there was not a lot of people in the Bistro eating but everyone there was celebrating their birthday. after we ate we had cake and ice cream. then i opened my presents. i got a white shirt (for my competitions), $20 gift card to half price books, 2 charms from James Avery, the memory board mirror from American Girl Crafts at Micheal's. after we were all done we walked around the store. i like how they have remodeled it with the hair salon up stairs. when we were taking the group picture we met some of the works we know like Richard who is the manager of the Bistro.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One YEAR!!!

So it has been exactly one year since i started this blog! it is hard to believe that. i was just looking at every single blog when i got to the end the date said may 14th and then it clicked that it was today. i am very happy that i was able to document all my things i have been able to do with my american girl dolls! i cant wait for more years to come!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Birthday!

so yesterday was my 17th birthday and it was awesome! Tuesday night i had my family birthday party with also friends of our family. we ate hamburgers and hung out. i had a cute cake that reminded me of a marshmallow dipped in fondue like at American Girl. i got $45 is cash and some other gift cards and gifts. then last night i had my NSH banquet which was fun. all day at school i was getting sung to and one of my friends made me cupcakes and on Saturday morning my dad is going to take me to lunch and go shopping.

today i stayed home for the first half of the day from school so that i could get the stuff to make my invitations for my birthday party on Saturday which is going to be at American Girl Boutique and Bistro! i went to Micheal's and bought the big pad of scrap booking paper because it has one page that just says american girl all over it. and i also got some pink ribbon for the invitations. then when we got home we made them real quick and then i went to school. i invited 4 of my friends but only 3 can go because one has to go to a graduation which stinks but thats ok i know we will still have a blast!

i will post pictures of the invitation later.