Monday, January 2, 2012

More Pictures

This was the 4th activity in the McKenna scavenger hunt. Since I was in heels I could only do 15.

Mason has not been to American Girl for awhile. He just wanted to go.
Love both of these sets. I want to try and get the gym stuff.

This is my favorite outfit!

This is my 2nd favorite outfit.
Starter collection

Long lines since they only had this side open in the store.
Almost to the front!

Maddie helped me because I cant move my arm totally.

Being one-handed was a little harder to open her
She is out and all mine!

Ready to go!
These are the two new outfits.

Group picture and now 21 dolls!

This is the free bag that they were giving away I got several so I could give them to girls I know who have dolls. I gave one to my neighbors granddaughter who got her 1st doll for Christmas and then I will give one to my cousin when I go back to school.
 Group picture with me!

Here are more pictures from yesterday.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

McKenna Brooks

Today at 1pm after church I went to American Girl Dallas and got McKenna! I am very pleased with her. She has easy hair and cute clothes!

Happy New Year!

 Kanani was ready for the count down!

 These are the holiday accessories from 2006
 I just found these the other day of Christmas 2002 when I got Molly. I was looking for pictures of when I got Samantha but I could not find them. That Christmas are house was still not rebuilt after our house fire and we were living at our friends house but we spent Christmas at my grandmothers and that is where Santa came.
 Both of these dresses I LOVE! hopefully I can get one today but I dont think I will be able to since I just spent $135 earlier this week :(

I like that her outfits are coming with these it is a cute new touch!

Yay its 2012! Mckenna is the Girl of the Year and I will be getting her today after church!!!! Typically I have to wait till about 1-2am to see the offical website with all her stuff but this year at 12:10 her stuff was up