Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stuff I Got

Here are the pictures of the things I got at the Kansas City American Girl Store. I found out the the Kansas City Store and the Denver store are the only ones with out a restaurant. This came to a surprise to me when I got there because i assumed that they all did. My friends had fun in the store. They made fun of me a lot and we had lots of laughs! It was a great memory to have. I got the coin purse, Ruthie, and the Kansas City Shirt. We only spent an hour there and we had to miss the baseball game that we had tickets to. Our adviser's daughter started crying when her dad would not buy her a American Girl doll but he took her to Build a Bear and she made a dog.  I used my $50 gift card towards my purchase so my friend Courtney and I say that she owns half of Ruthie. I told her that she owns the pretty side. Both friends say that they will not let their dolls get AG dolls and they will not let them in the room where I will keep them when I get older.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

American Girl Kansas

Tonight we went to American Girl! I bought ruthie and a coin purse and the KS shirt

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kansas City is comming soon

So Monday I leave for Kansas City for my competition! And my mom asked my teacher and we will most likely be able to go to American Girl and when we do ask of right now I will be getting Ruthie!!! I have all the "Friend dolls" but Ruthie and Elizabeth for my dolls right now. Since I can no longer get Elizabeth Ruthie would be my best bet to get! My mom said I can get the Kansas City shirt there but that is it. I am just happy that she is letting me over my gift card.

I might not get Ruthie if i get there and want to finish my collection of mini dolls or want to get more of Kanani's collection. Or if i see all the new stuff people have been talking about on doll diaries.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was just now on my edit page for my blog and i deleted 5 post and the problem is i do not know which ones they were!


So yesterday I graduated from high school!
Last night I had a party and one of my friends stopped by to give me a present. I did not open it till later that night after she was gone. She gave me a $50 gift card to American Girl!!!!! I was so shocked that when more people left I called her to thank her. Unlike if she got the card from the store she ordered it on the web site and it came in this folder and inside it had a catalog and gift card and a card that she got to choose what it said. When I talked with her she said she got it because I had talked about going to the Kansas City store when we go in 2 weeks for a competition.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A gift

Yesterday my law teacher surprised the president and me (vice president) with a gift for the end of the year. I got this outfit for my dolls and my friend got a year of a magazine he loves.
I love the outfit especially because its for the college I will be attending in the fall! The bow I made a few months ago.