Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday

For Cyber Monday my mom let me spend some money to pick out some Christmas presents for myself like she did last year! I got the silver party dress for $18, the casual outfit for $13 or $14, and McKenna's dog for $24 (the dog was not on sale but I wanted to get her before she sold out). I was not as impressed with the selection this year but there was some cute items. I also wanted the dog sled and the breakfast in bed set ($13).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Author Kathleen Ernst

As you can see by the picture I met Kathleen Ernst today! Now unlike when I have met other authors I literally went in got my book signed, and left because I was on lunch brake from a important meeting that was luckily held not too far from the Galleria Mall. This was the first time that either my mom and/ sisters did not come along because they too had a very busy day.

Kathleen was really sweet. She said that being able to create Caroline was the most amazing process and that it was a great experience with American Girl. She has written other books for American Girl including the historical mystery books but Caroline was her first historical character to write the original books for.

The store was in full swing for the Christmas holiday! They are already out of most of McKenna's collection (which I was surprised with). You can tell by the picture that they have a massive Christmas tree in the middle of the store and I love it! I cant wait to go back and take another picture in front of it. They also have the special packaging of the mini dolls and some of the doll outfits.