Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Here!

Today almost exactly 12 hours ago the UPS guy dropped off my package that had my campus guide in it! i was so happy but since our internet is still messed up i now am able to make my doll.

Her name is Samantha136 and she has brown hair and eyes. She is girly and she likes pocka dots.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meeting Valerie Tripp Again

So yesterday i went to see Valerie Tripp at American Girl Boutique and Bistro Dallas and had so much fun waiting in line and meet Valerie Tripp for the second time! We got there about 2 pm and we had 2 little girls and 3 older with us. I brought a lot of books for her to sign but i was not able to get all mine signed by her that she has written because that is like over 30! after we talked to the manager told her that she could not talk for long with each girl because it was getting close to 3 pm and that was the time it was suppose to stop

Kits Tree House : she told us that she got the idea for this book from when her husband surprised her with remodeling their guest bedroom and even though she did not like it so pretended to and it is still that way now.

Samantha's Bicycle: she remembered all the times that she fell off of her bike as a girl

Josephina: when they were deciding on what Josephina should look like this one man who was Hispanic knew that her air texture should be like his so since he had long hair he cut a chunk of his hair off and they sent it to the factory so that they could make er hair texture more real.

Hopscotch Hill: on of her friends is a teacher and she would tell her stories of some of the issues that her students had so she used those in her books.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I was wondering why they would be selling ice skating clothes in summer but they I realized that the Galleria has an ice skating rink.
Here is Maddie's showing our favorite outfit!

i love this dress!
Here is me, Mia, Lauryn, and Maddie doing the yearbook craft

Here are pictures from last Tuesday at American Girl. Sorry that not all the pictures are the best quality and when I go Friday I will take some more pictures.

New American Girl Books

I was looking around the American Girl website and saw all the new books that will be coming out soon. Here is one of the ones that I liked. I like the idea of these books, but I hope they will not be chessey.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This summer I have not gotten a whole lot of American Girl books at Half Price Books. When we go I have been getting movies and CD's instead because my sister just got her Ipod touch. But I did find the old Josephina Story Collection Book for $10 and I was really happy because Valerie Tripp wrote it but and she is coming to American Girl Dallas on Friday to sign autographs. i cant wait even though i have seen her before.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ashley with Samantha at the airport on the way home
Jade with Samantha on the way home
Samantha on the airplane

So i have not updated in a while because our internet is messed up so we have to go places that have WIFI or to the Library so right now i am at the library. On Tues day we went to AG Dallas for the Inner Star University Day and it was a lot of fun. we brought the two daycare girls and one of my moms friends and her daughter. we did the crafts and looked at all the new stuff! i only with the historical dolls came with codes for inner star. They also have a lot of new "AG Store Exclusive" stuff that i want like this red zip up dress.

June 21 i left to go to Kansas City for SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference i brought Samantha with me. On all my trips i have only brought my white dolls so on my next trip which is to Washington DC in September i will probably bring Addy with me. We had a blast in Kansas and my friends would love to hold Samantha and one called her "Baby" and another called her "Sam" and told her to call him "Uncle Thomas".