Friday, July 31, 2009

soooo many books

today we went to 4 book stores. i got 16 books between them all and 13 of them are american girl. it was crazy cause i did not notice how many books i was getting because they were all scattered in the front seat, but when i stacked them all together i was like "Wow thats a lot of books"

Thursday, July 30, 2009


today we went to the book store once again and i got two books "a smart girls guide to starting middle school" and "trickster" a wild at heart book. the funny thing about the middle school book is that i am in high school but whatever its american girl. im sad cause this week is the last week to do the summer reading so i wont be getting free books anymore.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


today my mom went to the books store while i was with my grandmother. she got me 5 new books. i am really happy about that. i finished reading "nowhere now here" today while at the pool. i wish the book was longer cause it was good. tonight my grandmother took me to the book store and i got 2 more books. so total i got 7 new books today.

rainy day

my dog started sniffing her right when i took the picture

yesturday it rained all day! i remembered that i had a rain coat and an unbrella for my dolls that i got from a friend a couple months ago so i got it out and put it on Chrissa. i thought it looked so cute that i took her outside and took a picture of her. i really love the second picture.

Friday, July 24, 2009


so i just got back from driving arrons with my mom. i drove most of the time. surpisingly my mom did not freak out too much. i am about to leave to go with my friend christa to the one voice christian concert. Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson, Pillar, and KJ52 are playing to much and tomorrow night Toby Mac and someone else are playing. i cant wait and tonight we have 5th row seats!


so i went on doll diaries today and found out that Mc Donald's is going to have American Girl toys in their happy meals starting mid August! i want them all so i will be going there alot. yesterday i got nine American Girl books at half price books and i got 2 on Tuesday and i counted and i have a little over 170 American Girl books.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

San Antonio

Gwen was happy to be home

the Texas state capital in Austin

Gwen on the boat

The Alamo

Gwen by a plant at The Alamo

Gwen by a water fall pond thing

the house we stayed at

Gwen getting ready to load all of the stuff back in

my sister and Bre(my other sisters friend) at the restaurant. we did not know that Bre was there until she walked in the restaurants door. (we always see someone we know ever vacation)

Me and Gwen in the bed room just chillin waiting for my turn to take a shower

My mom and i at Fiesta Texas

Gwen in the back of the subrban getting ready for Feista Texas

Gwen in her outfit for the day and hair done

Gwen on the couch while we watched saturday morning cartoons

Gwen in the Kitchen while Diane's grandma and aunt cooked breakfast

Gwen in bed with me and my mom

Ashleigh, Alex, and Brandon in the back seat with me

Gwen in the car on the way to San Antonio

so we went to San Antonio for a mini vacation. we left Friday and just got back about 10 minutes ago. we had a whole lot of fun! we stayed at our friends grandmas house. our friends (the Carroll's) went with us. the trip there was ruff because there was 9 people in an 8 person car for 5 hours and plus i was sick. we got there about 1:30 am Saturday morning and went straight to sleep. both mornings we had Mexican breakfast which was awesome! ( i love beans and tortillas) then Saturday we left to go to Fiesta Texas. we stayed at Fiesta Texas till 8 and then left to go back to the house and clean up ourselves for dinner . by the time we all took a shower and left til was late. we did not eat till 12:15 am! then went back and hit the hay stack. we did not get up Sunday morning till 10:30 am then had some breakfast which was not through cooking till almost 12 pm. after breakfast we packed up and left to go to the Alamo. we walked around the Alamo and took a boat tour on the river walk. i have been to the Alamo and the river walk lots of times before but had never took the boat tour. then we left to head on home. on the way home we stoped in Austin to see the capital because the Carroll's sons had never seen it. i go there once a year for a state law compettition and sometimes more depending on where we go on family trips. then we eat dinner at chilis right outside of Austin. then went all the away home. it was a nice short trip that felt longer than it was.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some more books

today while i was at ballet my mom went to half price and she got me 3 books. "Good Luck Ivy", "Felictiy learns a lesson", and "??? Peail".

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today we went to a half price book store that I have not been to. I got 6 books "Lindsey", "Hoofbeats of Danger" "The Night Flyers", "Happy Birthday Molly", "More Games and Giggles", and "Kirsten's Teachers Guide". I was happy cause in the teachers guide it comes with Kirsten's world poster and I already have Samantha's so I could hang them up together on my wall and also I have been wanting one of though types of books. My sister put some of her card to get me the game and giggles book which was a dollar cheaper that all the other books that were the exact same so she could not pass that up for me (thanks Maddie). Then the same thing happened with "The Night Flyers" book because the other one was $2.98 and the one I bought was $1.98 and it was even in better condition so I was able to use the one dollar left over from my card to use on the "Hoofbeats of Danger" because it was on sale for $1. "Happy Birthday Molly" was also on sale for $1 so we put it with my brothers batman book that was $2. hopefully after i go driving tomorrow we can go to the one at Firewheel and i can get more.

Last night I went driving for the first time in the dark and I brought gwen along with me. she sat in the back seat. I did really good and did not make her fly off the seat when I braked at the stop signs (usually if there is an extra seat I buckle my dolls in because my mom drives crazy and I dont want them flying the seat). but awhile ago when i went driving with my dad back in may he held samantha while i drove, he looked pretty funny holding a doll.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

new stuff :)

Today my mom took me and my sister to American Girl Boutique and Bistro Dallas since I have not been in a while and we were going to be home the rest of the day while she went to a birthday party. The last time I went to American Girl was the day Rebbecca debut on May 31. I wanted to buy a lot of stuff but I knew my mom would not let me but she did let me buy the new pink boutique and bistro Dallas shirt for my dolls. I love the shirt and the puff sleeves. It looks really cute on Gwen. Oh and I brought Samantha with me in her bridesmaid outfit. I really like the doll version of the dress but I did not like it in the Samantha movie.
Yesturday my mom took me to the mall to finish useing my barnes and nobles gift card from christmas a year and a half ago (my mom would not let me drive the suburban). It only had $2.99 on it so I bought two packs of American Girl trading cards. I was really happy to get them because I have not bought any since forever! I love my gift card cause it has the american girls on it so I did not through it away.

Friday, July 10, 2009


the past two nights Mia and i along with my mom and my sister have gone to the Carroll's house to help them get ready for a party that they are having tomorrow. we cleaned their kids playroom, which was a total mess, you could barley walk in the room. then we cleaned their kids bedroom on Wednesday. yesterday we cleaned the din and kitchen. there stuff had a lot of dust on it because they just got slate this week. Mia last night kind of got covered with pillows!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


so this morning we went to the book store and i got 3 American Girl books. i got "Felicity's Surprise" and two different versions of "Samantha Learns a Lesson" ( the art was up graded on one). then right before ballet class my mom took me to half price to look at there cause i had never been because i was always at ballet i got two books "A Ceiling of Stars" and a wild at heart book called "Teacher's Pet". i have been trying to read going for great but i have not been able to sit down and read it so i am going to start "A Ceiling of Stars" tonight. i got my american girl catolog yesturday. i was shocked because for some reason they never send them to me even when i request them.
oh and i thought it was funny that on the way home from the book store this morning my mom said "if you ever get rid of any of your american girl books or anything american girl i get it and you cannot get rid of it. and if you sell any of it i get 75% of the money. " i laughed and said that when i die everyone is going to try to get rid of all of it cause hope fully by then my two big book shelfs will be full of american girl books and have about 25 dolls and lots of clothes for them and hopefully i will be a lawyer and be able to get almost everything i want!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!

justin maddie and mason in the pool

us doing sparklers
Gwen standing so i could take a picture (though it is a bad picture)

Lauryn with her balloon and water
coconut of liberty!

Lauryn swinging

my family playing the egg toss game

this is my favorite portrait shot of any of my dolls

my girl of the year dolls and coconut

happy fourth of July! i took my dolls outside and took pictures of them in their red, white, and blue outfits (well as close to it as i could). i only took the girls of the year and Molly and Emily. it was really hot so i kept them in the shade. after lunch we went to a church because they were doing some activities but Gwen stayed in the car and then we went over to the Carroll's and swam and hung out. while we swam we could see like 9 different sets of fireworks. when we got home we did some sparklers ( i was scared at first of them though i have done them before). i made sure to hold Gwen far away from the sparks. it was a good day! i am making a YouTube video of all the pictures.