Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too Cute!

Today my sister had a soccer game but was at her friends so we had to bring her clothes to the game for her. My other sister and i could not find them so my mom came up stairs to help us. she got upset at how messy there room was so she went into my room to see if it was messy too. Right before she walked in she got mad at me because a bunch of American girl stuff is in the top of the hall closet and she says that it is taking other peoples space up. then she walked into my room and saw my dolls in their Halloween costumes an was like "That is just too cute i cant get mad at you now!" thankfully i cleaned my room up good last night and i put Samantha in her Minnie Mouse dress.

Friday i got my senior picture proofs in the mail! i don't like half of them but i like the ones of me and Samantha and a few others.

When we cleaned out the car today i fond an apple silly ring so Samantha now has a silly band Jess has a lion that i found at school