Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well I have been moved in since Thursday and everything is going great! Samantha looks very nice by my bed. It is so weird not having all my dolls and my american girl dolls here but it is good having several pictures from my trip to the Kansas City AG store and from Dallas. I will be having a lot less posts because I wont have things to write about.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Old Pictures

 this was my best friend and her sister who i would play with my American Girl dolls with when we were younger

 I was so excited to get this outfit from our friends because i did not think i was going to get it before it was sold out

Today i was looking for one of my old class photos from 2nd grade and i found instead 3 memory cards for my cameras. I looked to see what was on them and found some old pictures of my me and Marisol from Christmas and when i got Felicity this year.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jade Pettyjohn

I had not seen who was going to be staring in the movie as the Girl of the Year 2012 till now! she looks cute and hopefully she will be a great actor!

New Picture

I went to Nia Vardalos' Twitter and saw another new picture from the set of the new American Girl movie. It is of the background actors. It makes me more excited! I went on to Marry Cassanova's website and she does not have anything about it yet.

Yay Me!

So today has been pretty good. I got my new camera in the mail this afternoon! I ordered it on Friday night, so it got delivered fast. I also will be getting in the mail on Wednesday my new bedding for my dorm that we purchased from Macy's.

Today American Girl also officially announced the soon release of C├ęcile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner. What is different about these two, is that customers may pre-order the dolls and there extras before they officially sell the products. Something that they also did was release a song that supports a charity. I bought the song on Itunes today. I liked that when you go to buy the song, Itunes tells you that $0.90 is donated. August 29th American Girl will be hosting a benefit, it cost $50 per a person. At first I thought that it was over priced but back in 2008 my mom and I went to a benefit at American Girl in honor of Kit that helped build houses I believe and looking back I think we paid the same amount. I wish I could go but I will be in college by then. October 22 and 23 the author of one of the books is coming to the Dallas American Girl store but what stinks is that I have family night at my university.

My opinion of the new dolls is that they are cute and have some cute stuff but I do not think that American Girl should be introducing as many dolls as they are. I do want to eventually get these dolls when i can but the GOY dolls come first to me. I personally cant wait for the 2012 GOY doll to see all her stuff and the movie!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Girl Movie!!!!!

Oh my gosh! i am soooo excited to see pictures from the new American Girl movie! Nia Vardalso is my 3rd favorite actress and i am happy to see her doing something different than her other films. My favorite actors are Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Nia Vardalso. A random piece of info it that i currently have all the American Girl movies that are out right now.