Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 My sisters with the baloon
 Me with the baloon
 The beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of the store
 The new swimsuit and bag
 Saige's Pj's (my sister loves these)

 I want this even though I do not have room for it!
 I like this outfit

 Yay! I have Saige!!!

 Me doing the scavenger hunt

 There was an artist to show the girls how to draw a horse and each girl got a sketch book

All the stuff we did while there
Getting Saige today was different then normal my mom is sick so she had to stay home so only my sisters and I went. I only ended up getting Saige and not any of her outfits but I plan on getting some of them and I really want the hot air balloon! Ever since a friend of mine two years ago told me about when she did it and loved it, I have been obsessed. My favorite craft was the horse mosaic because even my youngest sister liked and wanted to do it... usually she just does them because I want her to do them. I also like the sketch pad because it is good quality for being free and has a lot of pages to draw on. I love that they gave away the shirt to the girl who entered! They were not going to give one to us because we were older and not the age rage but when I asked they let us have them. We got 3 and I am going to give one to my cousin along with a sketch pad and poster because she does not live buy a store and she has four American Girl dolls.

What I am excited about for this up coming week is that I am going on a ski trip to New Mexico and that is where Saige is from! I cant wait to take pictures there.