Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saige Movie

This weekend I was able to purchase the Saige Movie! I saw on Instagram that Walmart had a special packaged one with a figuring horse, but the Walmarts by my house did not have it, so I just got the Blue Ray. I don't have a Blue Ray player but I like that it comes with the digital download. I have not had time to watch it but hope so sometime today. My sisters were actually really wanting to see it too! We sat down to watch it earlier today, but then my mom had us clean up and my sisters weren't too happy about that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm not one who does all those days of the week picture posts, but I was talking with a lady at church tonight whose daughter has some American Girl dolls and it made me think back when I would take pictures on disposable cameras. This was back when we had to use film and just hope that pictures would come out right. This picture makes me think of that because of how off centered it is. From the angle either my mom or dad took it because I was sitting in the middle row. This is also a good throwback because it is Molly I am holding and since she is being retired I am glad I got her.

Yahoo Finance Article

I was about to log onto my email on yahoo when on the home page an article about barbie pops up. I was interested and clicked to read more and realized it was writing about how Barbie was not doing as well as it has in the past. What I found cool is it brought up American Girl, and how there has been a 14% increase in sales even though they are within the Mattel company.Wahooo American Girl! I was surprised that a picture of Kirsten was chosen for the fact that she is no longer sold, but it was a nice change to see a historical character's photo. Many articles I read on American Girl they have a picture of the My American Girls.