Saturday, May 30, 2009


American girl has updated the website and it now includes Rebecca! it does not allow you to see how much stuff is and view all the stuff but does have enough pictures to see some of her stuff like her bed and pjs, and her movie dress and kittens! i hope i will be able to goto American girl Boutiqe and Bistro Dallas to get a look at all of Rebeccas stuff tomorrow and get the goodies bag for the first 100 girls, but at 2 we are going to the rangers game so i might not get to.

Friday, May 29, 2009


yesturday i took chrissa and gwen out side to take so pictures of them with the picnic table set. i tought that my dogs would try to chew on the cake and stuff but all they did was sniff it and walk off.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the hospital

Gwen messing with all of the equipment in Chris's room

Ashleigh playing with Gwen in ICU

my twin with Gwen
me, Gwen, and my sisters
my brother sister( Maddie), Gwen, and sister (Ashleigh)

Maddie with Gwen in the waiting closet

my uncle/brother (aka my twin) Chris, is in the hospital he has been there for two weeks as of today. he is in ICU and my mom spends every night from 5pm to 2 or 3 in the morning there taking care of him. yesterday we all went to go see him. we got there at 7pm and did not leave till 1:30am. it was fun cause i turned on music from my phone and my sister and i danced to it ( we weren't dancing good). my sister and my twin and i played 3 rounds of UNO. i only won once and Chris won the other times.

Friday, May 22, 2009

night at the museum

this morning my mom took us to go see Night at the Museum at its first showing at midnight! i liked the movie and i stayed awake the whole time. i brought Gwen to the movies and she sat on my lap the whole time. i was poud of myself cause i went out in my pj's and i never do that not even when we saw the first showing of prince caspian. last night i should have slept before we left but i was too happy and i was watching american girl youtube videos on my phone. so this morning was a drag to get up and plus my mom woke us up late this morning so i only had 30 min to be dressed and in the car (which for me is very hard), so i resorted to last years hair style of a ballet bun though i was wanting to straighten my hair.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

mall of america

justin (my uncle/brother) is at mall of america right now. my mom was talking to him and he said to tell me that he is at the american girl boutiqe and bistro there. when i herd that i told my mom to tell him to buy me a shirt or one for my dolls. i have not been to that american girl store but want to really bad. i have always wanted to go to mall of america since i saw the movie were marry kate and ashley go with friends.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rebecca and Gwen

Happy Birthday Kit! Kit's birthday was yesterday May 19th and for each of my dolls birthdays I place then so that it looks like they are posing for a picture at a birthday party. i got the picnic table at perfect timing so that all kits presents could fit. sorry the picture is not great the pink walls mess up the pictures when i take them on my phone.

i took this pic right after i opened the table up.

here is Gwen in my front yard that i took yesterday. it looks like a picture that my mom would of taken of me.

"I see you!" Gwen was up in the fort in the back yard.

So today I found out what rebecca looked like. she is really pretty! Since I just got Gwen I will not be getting Rebecca the day she gets out but I would love to get her soon just as long as I am able to get the rest of Chrissa's collection before it is all gone. Today I took some pictures of Gwen before I change her outfit and hair for the first time. It is kind of weird but I love the smell of new dolls hair. It smells like plastic but I have only smelt it when I smell my dolls hair. I don't know when and why I ever smelt my dolls hair but somehow I did. I hate when I take my dolls hair down for the first time cause you can never put it back (especially Mia's I was able it put it back once but then I tried again and I totally messed it up) Gwen's should be easy but I'm afraid that the two pieces hanging down wont separate from the rest of the hair when I try to put it back.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


here i am opening up Gwen!!!

"isnt she pretty!"

Here i am opening up Chrissa's pockadot outfit
now i am putting it on her

finally i am fixing her hair so that i could put her new barrettes in

Ok so my dad took me birthday shopping and he bought me Gwen the doll and Chrissa's picnic table with the accessories. i bought with birthday money from my grandmother chrisssa's pokadot dress. It was kits birthday so i made a paper lantern! SO now i have 14 DOLLS! back in 2001 i never thought that i would have this many i only thought i would get one a year and that would be for christmas. so far this year i have gotten 3. i got chrissa in new york on valentines day my second kit doll from a friend of my best friend and gwen for my 16th birthday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


may 12 was my 16th birthday! my mom took my whole family to the NASA space center in houston. it was so much fun! and ofcourse i brought a doll, Samantha. i took lots of pictures! i brought samantha cause her birthday is may 26 and i love her birthday outfit. the trip there was long it took 5 hours to get there. it was hard not to get samanthas hair too messed up in the car cause there was not too much extra room. i was sooo happy when we arived. i was tired of sitting and i had never been to NASA before plus cause it was my birthday! we got to see the apollo 18 and learned all about the apollo ships. the space ship was a whole lot taller than i thought. i said "you could fit alot of american girl dolls up in there" my mom just laughed.

first blog

ok so this is my first blog! im katie and this is about me and my life with my american girl dolls! my dolls have been to almost every vacation i have been on since the summer of 2002! i have 13 american girl dolls. my dolls are Samantha, Molly, Addy, Kailee, Nellie, Marisol, Emily, Jess, Kit(2), Nicki, Mia, Chrissa! i got my first doll, Samantha, Christmas Day 2001 and have been adding more since then. the picture is of me and my mom last summer at the american girl boutique and bistro in Dallas i have since then add chrissa and another kit but i have not gotten a picture with them all